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Clarus Dental Centre provides dental services for the entire family – even the younger ones. Modern dentistry believes in prevention, therefore, do not wait for years for your child to start complaining about a toothache. Your child should visit the dentist at least once before the age of two, and regularly after that. Do not put off your child’s visit, because once the pain starts it is usually too late. The pain indicates an affected tooth nerve, the cavity is already big and unfortunately a tooth will have to be drilled. Children of our patients have free dentistry services up to the age of 12. We will provide free preventive and curative services, so your whole family is now taken care of in one place.

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All services at Clarus Dental Centre have a 7-year 100% guarantee under the terms and conditions determined by the Dental Centre Clarus, which will be presented to you before therapies are planned.